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Newly Reinvented Venue

Can Adjust Seating Capacity Using LA ProPoint Technology

(Sun Valley, Calif.) January 21, 2014 – LA ProPoint, a leader in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of stage and show systems, has participated in the reinvention of the Forum in Inglewood, CA. The Forum, which recently underwent a comprehensive reinvention, reopened on January 15, 2014, as the largest and most important indoor performance venue in the country designed with a focus on music and entertainment.

For the Forum, LA ProPoint designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed the venue’s Upper Bowl Masking System, which features a series of custom motorized curtain rigs that ring the entire upper seating level of the arena. The system enables the Forum to mask off parts or all of the upper-level seating, thus allowing event producers to adjust the venue’s seating arrangements depending on event dynamics and attendance projections.

To create the Upper Bowl Masking System, LA ProPoint provided a permanently mounted Total Structur es truss system with eight separate custom designed and fabricated motor drive units, as well as an additional flexible curtain and truss system with chain motor hoists that can be located as desired to block off portions of the arena for differently configured stage settings. LA ProPoint also provided all of the track and curtain systems for the Forum Club and other locations throughout the venue.

“It is very exciting to be a critical part of the Forum’s reinvention,” said Jim Hartman, Vice President of LA ProPoint. “With our help, the Forum is poised to regain its unmatched status as one of the nation’s premier venues.”

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