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The Phantom RollDrop System


The Phantom RollDrop System

LA ProPoint’s new phantom rolldrop system™ The Industry’s No. 1 heavy duty rolldrop.

LA ProPoint introduces it’s most reliable roll drop. Designed for the demanding use of theme parks and permanent installations, it’s continuous use duty cycles and high speeds can withstand even the most challenging shows. Built within a compact aluminum truss, these roll drops have a small footprint to best maximize grid space.

What They Roll:

  • Projection Sceens
  • Masking
  • Acoustic Fabrics
  • Banners
  • Flags
  • And any other soft goods you can think of.

How They Roll:
- 10″ Aluminum drum machine grooved for soft goods registration & minimized telegraphing.
- 1/2 – 3/4 Horsepower AC motor.
- Carbon fiber belt for super quiet operation.
- Standard 4 position rotary limit switch (6 position rotary limit switch optional).
- Optional incremental encoder for multiple & highly accurate positioning.

How They Hang:
Attachment brackets can be custom designed for unique installations.
- Suspended from pipe clamp or Unistrut hangers.
- Can attach directly to a standard 12″x12″ box truss.
- Can be suspended with threaded rod through a drop ceiling.

Where They Hide:
- Auditoriums
- Amusement Parks
- Theatres
- Schools
- Arenas
- Television & Film Studios
- Touring Acts
- Architectural Installments
- Corporate Events
- Ballrooms

“First heavy use seamless versatile rolldrop in the industry”

Specialized Custom Fabrics & Screens:
- Wool Serge
- Atrex™ Projection Screens
- Velour
- Textilene

Unique Design Features:
- Super fast travel speeds up to 3 feet per second.
- Seriously quiet.
- Ultra low maintenance.
- 10+ Year design life.
- Ideal for permanent heavy use installations.
- Fully customizable.
- Designed for small spaces.
- Multiple units can be placed as close as 2 inches end to end.

Separate Modular Drive Train:
- 4 Possible positions for the modular drive train.
- Standard size lengths from 3ft-30ft.
- Custom lengths up to 50ft using carbon fiber drum.
- Support truss manufactured from lightweight 6061T6 aluminum.
- Shallow support truss profile 16″x16″
- Perfect for small overhead spaces.

Operational Control Systems:
- Can be designed to integrate with standard show control equipment.
- Can interface to any PLC-based show control system or DMX control lighting console.
- Can be designed to operate as stand-alone units.

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